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Colfax Cares support line: 877-853-7867

U.S. and Canadian Customers

Please specify the Segment of your choice and enter your location:

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International Customers

Please see:

Latin American and Caribbean Sales Reps

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Direct Customers

The following emails are for direct customers only. Please check the links above to determine if there is a distributor in your region or area.

General Inquiries:

Use the above address for general inquiries, pricing, requests
for quotes, order status, order expedites, order changes, credit
return inquiries, warranty and repair requests.

Field Service:

Use this address for for field service requests and after-sale technical inquiries.

New Application Inquiries:

Use the above address for inquiries for new pump and new system applications. Operating data, fluid data, and performance requirements must accompany any requests.

So that your specific need is addressed as promptly, accurately and efficiently as possible, please provide as much information as you possibly can.  The Application Data Form (link below) is designed to help guide you through the key information that is necessary to deliver the product or service solution that's right for you.  Once you have filled in as much of the information as possible, simply hit "Submit" and an application expert will respond promptly to your request

Application Data Form