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Field Service and Pump Repair

Field Service

Imo Pump maintains field service capabilities using trained, experienced service technicians. These personnel can provide job site training for maintenance personnel as well as supervise the disassembly, inspection and reassembly of our products. They also can provide pump startup supervision, trouble shooting with problem installations and analysis of damaged pumps or their components. Note that they do not provide labor or tools. Technicians can be dispatched to anywhere in the world except locations/countries experiencing civil unrest, war or other situations that would be unduly dangerous.

Contact the service department by any of the following means to arrange for field service:

Phone 877-853-7867

704-291-2040 (International)

Fax 704-226-1851

Pump Repair

Imo Pump maintains pump repair capabilities at its factory locations. Pump overhaul or repair will normally include disassembly, piece part inspection with recommendations to reuse a component, rework a component or scrap the component and replace with new. A price to proceed is provided to the customer and on approval with a customer purchase order, repair can proceed. Nearly all repairs include a final running test to verify pump performance is within expected limits.

Material or products being returned need a return material tag, must be shipped freight prepaid and must be accompanied by an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) applicable to any liquid or liquid residue that is still in the pump. Some small pumps are not economic to repair and should not be sent to the factory at all. If unsure, contact the service department (above) to determine if the product is of the repairable type (most are). Please contact the service department to obtain a return material tag number and confirm reason for return, what work is desired and full operating conditions if a damage evaluation is needed. If the pump should not be returned or needs to be shipped to a different than standard location, you can determine this with a quick phone call or fax.

Factory addresses for shipping pumps:

3/4SIC Submersible Screw Pumps, all Dover/Thyssen elevator pumps and Gear Pump Series CIG
Trunninger Series QT

Imo Pump
211 Industrial Park Road
Columbia, KY 42728-9223, USA
Attention: Repair Department

All Other Pump Series

Imo Pump
1710 Airport Road
Monroe, NC 28110 USA
Attention: Repair Department