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3-Screw Pumps

3screw.jpg (7781 bytes) Three screw pumps are the largest class of multiple screw pumps in service today. They are commonly used for machinery lubrication, hydraulic elevators, fuel oil transport and burner service, powering hydraulic machinery and in refinery processes for high temperature viscous products such as asphalt, vacuum tower bottoms and residual fuel oils.

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Gear Pumps

cig.jpg (10705 bytes)CIG (Crescent Internal Gear) pumps are produced primarily for fluid power applications and aircraft fuel test stands.

The patented tooth profile of CIG pumps avoids trapping fluid. The result is a very low pulsation, extremely quiet high efficiency pump. Single pumps are available in 54 different models and double pumps in over 1300 different combinations.

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Marine Pumps

navy.jpg (7917 bytes)Imo supplies 3-screw pumps for engine room services such as fuel oil transfer, boost, stripping and burner.

Fuels handled range from heavy bunker fuels to light jet fuels.

Pumps can be supplied to commercial marine standards or to full military specifications including US Navy shock, vibration and noise requirements.

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