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Navy/Marine Pumps

Imo supplies 3-screw pumps for engine room services such as fuel oil transfer, boost, stripping and burner. Fuels handled, range from heavy bunker fuels to light jet fuels. Imo pumps are also manufactured for lubrication service for diesel engines, gas and steam turbines, reduction gearing, generator sets, blowers and other similar equipment. Pumps can be supplied to commercial marine standards or to full military specifications including US Navy shock, vibration and noise requirements.

Imo Pump's Warren facility manufactures both commercial marine and full combat ship capable centrifugal pumps for services that include all seawater applications as well as fresh, chilled, condensate, feed and potable water for Navy and Commercial Marine vessels. Warren also supplies centrifugal pumps for cargo oil as well as ballast applications. Composite centrifugal pump parts manufactured from Simsite are also supplied to the US Navy.

Combat Ship Services

Low noise, high reliability 3-Screw Imo pumps for:

  • Machinery Lubrication
  • Fuel Oil Transfer, Stripping, Boost, Burner
  • Hydraulic Steering, Controllable Pitch Propeller, Deck Machinery


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Commercial Marine Services

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American Bureau of Shipping Web site:

The following Imo pumps are covered by ABS certificate numbers indicated:

Monroe, NC, USA Plant    

Certificate No: NN1732416

Intended Services: Fuel oil, lube oil, slop oil and hydraulic oil systems

Standards: ABS Rules, USCG 46 CFR 56.60

Model Capacity/Flow Rate (gpm) Max. Working Pressure (psi)
413R 50-1200 450
3E 1-150 500
3D 2-500 990
12D 2-450 2200
3R 100-2500 300
6D 2-425 1500

Standards:  1997 ABS Rules 4/6.12 and 4/4.23.2

422 50-400 25/150
3L 50-400 25/150

Columbia, KY, USA Plant

Certificate No: NN1732419

Intended Services: Oil Systems

Standards: ABS Rules, USCG 46 CFR 56.60

Model Capacity/Flow Rate (gpm) Max. Working Pressure (psi)
3E 1-150 500
3D 2-500 990

(see the 3-Screw pump section for more information on many of these type-approved Imo pumps.)